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Private Protection

For ages, security has been one of man’s basic needs. In the early days threats came from crime, war and diseases. Although times have changed, the security risks largely remain the same. Families and Personnel nowadays still can face danger in unsafe territory. In order to provide a secure holiday and/or working environment Villas Retreats strongly recommend GUARDIAN Security. GS analyses and controls the security risks inherent to activities in unsafe territories both in Italy and around the world. 

Provided Services:

Security Risk Consultancy: Analyzing & controlling security risks and implementing tailor-made solutions in territories globally. 
Security Management: Security managers with extensive experience in running day-to-day security of your operations on location.
Close Protection Services: Well trained personal protection agents to ensure the security of your personnel in high risk situations.
Extraction & Evacuation Teams:
Extraction & evacuation experts to enable safe repatriation of your personnel should they have been subject to danger.

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 – Personal Protection
 – Vehicle Protection
 – Domestic And Overseas Protection


– Electronic Security Measures / Devices
– Dedicated Security Teams
– Dedicated Family Teams


 – Security Advance Teams
 – Emergency Response Teams
 – Counter And Protective Surveillance Teams