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Luxury Car Hire

“Montecarlo Luxury Cars” offers a wide selection of services designed to satisfy customers and their needs in an ever-changing world. You can find any kind of vehicle: luxury and sports cars, off-road or SUVs, convertibles or exotic cars,  for events, ceremonies, weddings, special occasions, chauffered car hire and deliveries at all Italian and European airports. A dedicated consultant will take care of with on going support for any problems during the entire period of the rental. Feel free to contact us for any inquiry / question you may have.

Events & Cerimonies
For events, ceremonies and special occasions, Monte Carlo Luxury Cars offers a wide choice of full optional cars.

For the most important day, the most elegant and luxurious cars with delivery across Italy & Europe.

Daily rental
Possibility to rent your favourite car for a whole day.

For an unforgettable birthday gift.

Chauffered car hire
An exclusive service for the most committed customers.

With cars equipped with the best comfort.
Airport deliveries
Possibility to deliver and pick up the cars directly at the airport 24h.