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Who We Are

“Villas & Retreats” is a villas vacation rental company offering over 500 homes in 60 of world’s most sought after destinations.

A global team of passionate travel enthusiasts and partners hand-pick and personally inspect each property, ensuring that guests are offered only the very best  villas on the market.

From one-bedroom beach hideaways to family-friendly mansions and private islands fit for large groups, each home is carefully selected to ensure your stay is seamless.

A concierge will design a completely personalized vacation down to the last detail.

For Guests

Exclusive villas
End-to-end service
Local knowledge
Peace of mind
Tailored care

When you book with us, the entire process is managed to ensure the highest quality stay. 

Our specialists will help to find the right home for you as well as planning a tailored experience.

Enjoy The Finest Homes And Services

Private Chef
Luxury Villas
Home Staging
Thoughtful Service
Child Care


Discover amazing
Retreat Venues by Location

–       Adventure
–       Arts
–       Ayurvedic
–       Business
–       Climbing
–       Corporate
–       Couples
–       Creativity
–       Culinary
–       Culture & History
–       Cycling
–       Dance
–       Detox
–       Diving
–       Family Reunion
–       Fitness
–       Golf
–       Healing
–       Health
–       Hiking
–       Horticulture
–       LGBTQ

–       Martial Arts
–       Men’s only
–       Music
–       Nature
–       Nutrition
–       Outdoors
–       Painting
–       Development
–       Photography
–       Relationship
–       Sexuality
–       Silent
–       Spirituality
–       Sports
–       Surf
–       Volunteering
–       Weddings
–       Weight Loss
–       Wildlife
–       Wine Tasting
–       Women’s only
–       Yoga


Need help finding the
perfect retreat?

Let our team of retreats and villas specialists
help find you the perfect venue.

For Property Owners

Property selection
Qualified staff

We provide peace-of-mind, convenience and flexibility to homeowners looking to make the best use out of their homes when they’re away. With great attention to detail, we take care of everything from housekeeping and maintenance to managing all bookings, as well as welcoming and looking after guests during their stay.

The Flower

     Our logo represents the detail of a flower in a mosaic floor of a Roman villa in Paestum – Salerno, Naples. Initially considered a luxury item, mosaics were particularly appreciated in the world of ancient Rome and are still often used today to decorate the floors and walls of houses, public buildings or places of religious worship.
     The mosaic flower is therefore a tribute to ancient art and to the discipline of aesthetic taste which is at the origin of our “Made in Italy”, symbol of high quality and excellence.

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