Booking Conditions

Bookings are made in relation to holiday accommodation only and do not include any flights, transport or transfers to the property. Bookings are made on behalf of the owner of the property at the prices stated on the web pages of
The holidaymaker makes his/her booking directly with “Villas Retreats”.


Villas Retreats deals with weekly rentals that run from Saturday to Saturday, for a maximum of 4 consecutive weeks for the same client, if considered in the agreement with the owner. During the low and medium season it is possible to do short stays, or with arrival and departure days different from Saturday, but only in some receptive structures and by the owner. 

Once availability is confirmed, we will send you a Booking Form, which specifies that we require a deposit amounting from 30% to 50% of the total price to secure the property for you. The payment of deposit depends on the type of villa and It may be paid by Credit Card or Wire Transfer. Reservation will be confirmed upon receipt of the fully completed Booking Form and your deposit. A Confirmation Form and an Accommodation Voucher, which includes a list of extra services requested, directions as to how to reach the property, contact names, and telephone numbers, will be issued once the fully completed Booking Form has been returned to us. Errors or omissions on the Confirmation Form or Accommodation Voucher must be identified and notified to us immediately. The return of your completed Booking Form to us means that you have read and accepted these Booking Conditions.

Full payment is due 60 days before your scheduled arrival date and must be paid directly to “Villas Retreats” by Wire Transfer or Credit Card. “Villas Retreats” will send you a reminder when the balance is due. If the booking is made less than 30 days before arrival, you are required to complete the Booking Form and pay the total amount immediately to secure your booking. Payment by Credit Card or Bank Transfer is accepted. If the balance is not paid by the due date, we reserve the right to consider your booking cancelled and the deposit forfeited. 

A Security Deposit is required to ensure the owners against breakages, damage, and extra costs – including extra cleaning – not paid for before departure. The Security Deposit must be paid in Euro directly to the property owner upon arrival and will be refunded on departure. The amount of deposit required is indicated in the individual property description on the “Villas Retreats” website (

“Villas Retreats” does not provide Personal Travel insurance. We therefore strongly recommend that you and your party have the necessary insurance to travel. This insurance should cover all aspects of your holiday. “Villas Retreats” can in no way be held responsible for any loss, damage, injury, or accident that might occur. 

We have visited, checked, and selected each property carefully. The descriptions appearing on our website are accurate and have been made in good faith. However, “Villas Retreats” accepts no responsibility for any changes made by the owners without our knowledge. Guests will be notified in writing of any changes made to the property. 
Panoramic views and privacy necessarily entail a certain degree of elevation and distance from main thoroughfares, so please be prepared for a hill or two along the way. Access roads to rural properties may be rough. The properties are cleaned and made ready for your arrival. Upon arrival, guests should inspect the property with the owner and make sure that they fully understand the use of all the appliances, equipment, and utilities. Units on the telephone counter/meter will also be checked to determine usage during the rental period. Extra charges for heating and the final cleaning, as specified on the website and/or agreed on the Confirmation Form, must be paid for locally at the end of the rental period.

The extra services available at each property are outlined on the “Prices and Details” pages. Extra services can be requested when booking, but we cannot guarantee the fulfillment of last-minute requests. We will do our utmost to ensure that the people engaged to perform these services professionally fulfill their duties, but we are not liable for any inadequacies. You will be sent a list of the costs of the extra services you request together with the Booking Form.

The number of people staying at the property must not exceed the number of beds indicated on the website. Any exception is stated in “Prices and Details”. Substitution of people during the letting period is strictly not permitted unless previously agreed upon with “Villas Retreats”.

At the time of booking, clients will be required to enter the names and ages of the people staying in the property for the guests registration to the competent authorities. On the information sheet of each property is indicated the maximum number of people that the house can accommodate. This number (adults – children – babies) cannot be exceeded in any way. “Villas Retreats” must be informed of, and must approve any substitution or increase in the number of guests, as well as if this is just for a special event (Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding and so on) that may take place on the property during the stay, arranging it with the owner who may charge any extra fees for the event. In the event of failure by the client to inform the owner, the owner reserves the right to remove the guests that exceed the number communicated from the property.

Guests are expected to arrive at the property between 4 and 7 pm unless another time has been agreed upon in their correspondence with “Villas Retreats”. If an unforeseen delay should occur, every effort should be made to contact the owner at the telephone number provided on the Accommodation Voucher.

On arrival at the property, guests are asked to present their entry voucher and valid ID (passport or identity card) to the owner or the “Villas Retreats” Team for registration by Italian law. Without these documents access to the property will be at the discretion of the owner.

The customer is recommended to communicate their arrival time at least a week in advance so that the owner or his representative can be on-site to welcome the client and facilitate his admission. In the event, the arrival is later in the evening and after 08.00 p.m., “Villas Retreats” will facilitate the arrival of the clients at the reserved property, trusting in the collaboration of the owners who may require an extra charge for a late check-in. Any changes regarding the date and time of arrival must be notified to “Villas Retreats” via e-mail or by telephone to the numbers on the final travel documentation (owner, “Villas Retreats” office or Customer Care) to better organize the check-in. If the owner will not be informed about a possible delay notified on the arrival day and is not able to accept the “late check-in”, the client will bear the cost of an overnight stay at a different structure to that booked with “Villas Retreats”, without requiring anything from “Villas Retreats” or the owner, who will, in any case, do their best to satisfy the client.

Guests are expected to vacate the property at 10 am on the last day of the rental period. Just before your departure, the owner will visit the villa to inspect the property and present the final bill for extra services. Should departure before 10 am be necessary, guests are requested to notify the owner at the beginning of the rental period to arrange an alternative time for his/her visit. 

The property will be clean and well-maintained when you arrive, and you and your party are expected to keep it as such throughout the rental period. It is your responsibility to leave the property with all its furniture and effects in their rightful places, and you must undertake to inform the owner or “Villas Retreats” of any damage to the accommodation or its contents and pay for any damage or missing items or any extra cleaning necessitated by the property being left in a dirty condition. If the property has not been left in an acceptable state, the owner has the right to claim an additional charge, amounting to up to Euro € 50,00 per person for the extra cleaning and tidying required. The owner reserves the right to have free access to the property for essential maintenance purposes in the garden, swimming pool, etc, during your stay. These are private houses. Please respect the trust the owners have placed in you: look after the property while you are there as you would your own home and please do not remove books or any other personal belongings.

Changes requested on the property after a reservation has been confirmed, do not bind “Villas Retreats” in the event these cannot be met. “Villas Retreats” will do everything to satisfy the client’s need, however, any changes or modifications, if accepted by “Villas Retreats”, will entail a fixed charge of Euro 100.00 for the client. In case of a request for a change regarding properties with different versions, the change of the booking into the version with fewer sleeps than the one booked before entails a penalty which may change according to the reserved period and has to be established with the owners. 

All the properties listed in the “Villas Retreats” catalog and on the website have been inspected by the team of Villas Retreats. The descriptions published by our company correspond to the state of the properties at the time of the visit and acquisition and have been written most truthfully. Any minor deficiency related to the characteristics of the architecture and traditions of the location cannot be considered as a ground for complaint.
“Villas Retreats” cannot be held responsible in case the property does not match the personal liking of the client, since the client has signed the contract, which it is requested to carefully read the property’s detailed page in all its parts. Moreover “Villas Retreats” provides the clients with all the pictures, descriptions, videos, maps, and detailed information about the property booked.
“Villas Retreats” cannot be held responsible if the client has not read the detailed description of the site correctly or has not contacted the Villas Retreats Team for further information.
If upon arrival, or during the week the client should note serious inaccuracies in the description of the property, or if a problem should arise that he/she is not able to solve or minimize, the client can contact the “Villas Retreats” Customer Care Office, by calling +39 347 8590 108 during office hours from Monday to Friday (9.30 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.), on Saturday and Sunday (9.30 a.m.- 7.00 p.m.) together with the final documentation. The client has to confirm the complaint by writing within 12 hours from the arrival at the property or the acknowledgment of the problem via e-mail ([email protected]). “Villas Retreats” will endeavor to solve the problem as quickly as possible to ensure guests a pleasant stay at the reserved property.
If a problem occurs at the property, it is the guests’ responsibility to notify the owner promptly, so that he/she may take any action required.
“Villas Retreats”, however, reserves the right for their representative to verify on-site and during the stay of the holidaymakers the reasons for the complaint and any inaccuracies of the owner, both inside and outside the property. If a client should present “Villas Retreats” a complaint after the end of the stay, no form of refund will be recognized. Clients have no right to be refunded unless they have contacted our office or representatives during their stay in one of our properties.
If the problem is not or cannot be solved satisfactorily within a reasonable time frame, the guests should contact “Villas Retreats” by telephone or by email and make sure they can be reached while the problem is being dealt with. Guests are required to give “Villas Retreats” enough time to solve the problem.

No refund will be recognized to clients who leave the structure on request of the owners due to lack of notification regarding people in excess or the presence of animals (we remind that the number of people in excess and the presence of animals must always be notified to “Villas Retreats” and accepted by them in agreement with the owners.) or in the absence of payment of the security deposit requested on arrival.
No refund will be given to guests who leave the property without prior written notice to “Villas Retreats” or to customers who decide to leave the reserved property earlier, with no valid reasons or serious inconvenience. No refund will be given to guests who decide to leave the property earlier without giving “Villas Retreats” written explanation and justification in advance, or who have not properly consulted the website and have found conditions not appropriate to them, or without giving the representative of “Villas Retreats” the chance to extenuating circumstances.
“Villas Retreats” does not recognize as grounds for complaint ascribable to “Villas Retreats” or the owner:
• weather conditions,
• presence of local fauna,
• mosquitoes
• insects
• lack of electricity, gas, or water if this depends on government agencies, external circumstances, or due to force majeure.

Note: the presence of “wandering” animals may occur considering the geographic location of the structures, especially if the property is located in isolated areas and/or in the countryside.
Should problems arise with the delivery of water, gas, electricity, or telephone services, the owners of the property will do their utmost to remedy the situation, but we accept no responsibility for non-delivery owing to circumstances beyond our control.
Vacating the property without speaking directly to “Villas Retreats” will annul the guest’s right to query charges or to claim compensation for or the refund of any costs or rental charges. “Villas Retreats” will not address or seek to remedy any issue, problem, or complaint raised after the rental period has elapsed and any refunds offered will not exceed the amount of the total letting price. Any refund is due at the end of the holiday.

The present contract under Article 32 of the Tourism Code does not provide the right of withdrawal according to the Legislative Decree of 6 September 2005, No 206 for contracts concluded at a distance. However, cancellation of the booking is possible and must be sent in working days (Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 19.00) before the arrival, which does not include the day of arrival itself and the one of the notifications itself.

Any cancellation must be made in writing. In the unfortunate event of you needing to cancel all or part of your holiday we will be obliged to make the following charges:

  • 30% No refund – If a traveler cancels a reservation the 30% of the deposit is not refunded.
  • No refund – Loss of the total price of the lease if the cancellation is made within 60 days before the date of check-in.

Once this has been paid it is non-refundable as a cancellation would not leave the Owner with sufficient time to find a substitute booking. If full payment is not received by the balance due date, we will notify the Owner who may cancel your booking and retain all payments made by you to date.

We accept no liability for cancellations resulting from “force majeure”, that is to say, events that could not have been avoided even with all due care (natural disasters, acts of war, acts of terrorism, etc.). We reserve the right to cancel your booking if full payment has not been received 8 weeks before the start of your holiday and we will also be entitled to retain your deposit. If we find it necessary to cancel your first choice of booking, we will provide a suitable alternative. If this alternative does not prove acceptable to you, we will refund your deposit and any other sum that you have paid to “Villas Retreats”.


Submission to us of your completed Booking Form, and therefore the booking itself, implies knowledge of and familiarity with these Booking Conditions and confirms that all the people named on the Booking Form accept them without reservation or exception.

We accept no responsibility for any unauthorized actions or omissions on the part of the property owner. This contract is governed by Italian Law and the Foro di La Spezia – Italy will be competent in the case of controversy.

As many of the properties that “Villas Retreats” offer are private houses and not official tourist accommodation, such as hotels, residences, etc, they cannot be classified according to internationally recognized standards or categories. But rather they reflect, in their architecture and furnishings, not only local customs but also the personal taste of their owners.

“Villas Retreats” is pleased to be able to offer you this type of holiday, a chance truly to immerse yourself in the culture of the local population, living for a few weeks the same lifestyle in the same surroundings as a local inhabitant. To enjoy this experience in the right spirit, it is important that the client accepts and is willing to appreciate the differences between the property proposed by “Villas Retreats” and the one he/she is normally accustomed to living in.

“Villas Retreats” has chosen its properties with great care, accepting nothing below a certain minimum standard of quality, based on which we believe any person can find satisfaction. “Villas Retreats” cannot, however, exclude the possibility that differences in expectations may sometimes result in minor inconveniences, owing to the particular nature of the architecture and the cultural traditions of the area. Consequently, such differences cannot be accepted or addressed by us as complaints. Once you have checked into the property, no refund will be made for early checkouts. Any refund is due at the end of the holiday.

Personal data and other elements acquired by our Agency during the assignment will be subject to secrecy and will be treated in compliance with the privacy and the rights of the person through the systematic application on our part of appropriate measures of protection and guarantee prepared both for paper and electronic processing of data and measured to the specificity of the data itself (simple personal data or sensitive or judicial data). According to the effects of the Legislative Decree 196/03, we inform the client that his personal data will be processed only for purposes determined by the contract for such purposes (including for accounting and administrative purposes). Please also be advised that such data could be used for commercial and promotional activities about the services provided by “Villas Retreats”, for this last use consent for treatment is required.
The absence of the Client’s consent will not allow our Company to use the personal data to conduct commercial activities.

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