2023 – Discover the Best Party Places in Canggu, Bali

A well-deserved break, from work, surfing, yoga, delectable cuisine, mingling, and zipping around on scooters, isn’t truly complete without a round or two (maybe a few more) of reasonably priced, hard-earned drinks, plus a little dancing, just for good measure. Canggu boasts more than just its sunlit allure; it houses a nightlife that’s bound to satisfy throughout your entire stay.

Partying in Bali mirrors celebrations around the globe, and with a dose of respect, mindfulness, and a touch of prudence, you’re set for an extraordinary time. While promoting stereotypes is far from the intention, a note to the ladies: exercise caution when venturing out alone at night, and to the gents: let’s steer clear of any altercations. In this part of the world, situations can escalate rapidly, and nobody wants that. A hint of circumspection and maintaining a composed demeanor go a long way.

Canggu’s nocturnal panorama is categorized into different “nights.” For instance, “Everybody flocks to Old Man’s on Wednesdays!” While you can visit any place any time, we’ve got a guide to the prime times at key establishments. So, you can either join the party or opt for a more intimate gathering away from the enthusiastic and energetic crowds.

Old Man’s Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong, Batu Bolong

The eminent elder of Canggu’s nightlife, this somewhat beachfront sanctuary for the incredibly gorgeous provides ample seating, even more dancing space, a 2-for-1 happy hour from 4 to 6 on weekdays, walls adorned with mosaics and murals perfect for Instagram moments (priorities, right?), quite decent pub grub, and it conveniently graces the front of Batu Bolong’s beginner-friendly surf break. Soothe those post-surf muscles after riding the waves.

Best on: Wednesdays! (featuring beer pong and tequila) and Fridays (live band nights)

Deus Ex Machina Jalan Batu Mejan No. 8, Batu Bolong

So hip it’s practically stylish agony, but not in a begrudging anti-hipster manner. The Deus crowd is effortlessly cool, yet approachable, creative, and fun-loving! Conceived by an uber-creative collective living their passions for motorbikes, fashion, delectable fare, and wild nights. A true fusion, part soul surfer, part tropical Mad Max, an integral fragment of Canggu’s essence, and well worth multiple visits. There’s even a barber onsite, so if your hair needs a touch-up, it’s a seamless fix without leaving the party.

Best on: Sundays! (featuring live music and dancing) and Tuesdays (offering free tattoos and tacos)

Pretty Poison Jalan Subak Canggu (Rice Paddy shortcut)

Pretty Poison mirrors the gritty allure of those legendary backyard house parties from our youth (or the ones we heard whispers of, but never scored invites to). The dancefloor is sultry, sweaty, and alive with wobbling dance moves. Drinks are affordable (albeit with a limited selection), the staff and patrons are tattooed, pierced, and punk. However, the pièce de résistance of Pretty Poison is the replica of the Lords of Dogtown’s “Dogbowl” right in the heart of the event, a full-sized skate bowl frequented by a consistent crew of local and international daredevils. Here, skating takes center stage, accompanied by cheers and excitement when tricks are nailed, and audible wincing when they’re not. Accomplished skaters are invited for a roll; if not, simply drop by and relish the spectacle.

Best on: Thursdays and Saturdays

The Lawn Jalan Pura Dalem, Batu Bolong

This effortlessly stylish and breezy locale rests right at the ocean’s edge, nestled perfectly between Batu Bolong and Echo Beach. Drawing in Canggu’s remarkably attractive crowd from 11 in the morning onward, it’s a daytime haven for sun-soaked relaxation and remote working. As the sun dips below the horizon, the atmosphere turns casually refined for dining, and if you linger into the late hours, the cocktails become irresistibly tantalizing while the music sets a sleek vibe. Don’t forget to monitor the beach club’s calendar for events – they’ve been known to welcome big names such as Miami Horror, complete with dazzling bursts of glitter.

Best on: Fridays (enjoy half-price cocktails, beer, and pizzas until 11 PM)

Grass Terrace Jalan Munduk Catu, Echo Beach

A hidden gem, relatively unknown and unassuming, Grass Terrace is the perfect spot for both small and large groups to gather for pre-party drinks. Why? Well, they offer a continuous happy hour with two-for-one cocktails and wines, not to mention some of the most budget-friendly beers in Canggu. With decent food, cozy decor, and yes, those budget-friendly cocktails, this place is worth mentioning twice.

Sandbar Echo Beach

A literal bar amidst the sand, Sandbar primarily calls Echo Beach its home, though occasionally it ventures to Batu Bolong. This is where the steadfast partygoers flock when everything else has called it a night and even the dogs are settling in for their nocturnal rest. Sandbar boasts a concrete dance floor, a bar serving those drinks you probably don’t need anymore, scattered chairs and tables for impromptu naps, a lively and unpredictable bonfire, and an entire beach for losing yourself. You might not recall your time at Sandbar, but the traces of black sand in your bed the following morning will be a vivid reminder.

La Brisa Jalan Pantai Batu Mejan, Gang La Brisa, Echo Beach

La Brisa, appropriately translating to “Sea Breeze,” stands as the newest addition to the La family’s collection of shabby-chic wonderlands, joining the ranks of La Favela, La Plancha, La Sicilia, and La Laguna. If a Jack Johnson song could become a venue, this would be it. Savor a coconut and relish sustainably sourced calamari while perched by the beachfront infinity pool, taking in the delightful Bohemian decor and the mesmerizing vistas. As the sun sets, a mix of locals and travelers convene to savor intricately crafted cocktails and groove to techno, disco, and deep house rhythms.

Seminyak’s Nighttime Revelry: Where the Party Continues

40 Thieves, Seminyak Seminyak

When everything else has quieted (except for Sandbar), the next prominent beach town, Seminyak, beckons you. The main attraction is La Favela, a club that keeps its doors open and its drinks flowing at steep prices until sunrise. It’s a bustling, energetic, and sweaty venue that might empty your wallet but promises a fantastic time. Perhaps you’ll even stumble upon a memorable connection amidst the fervor. Other notable mentions in Seminyak include Jenja, a haven for excellent techno; Potatohead Beach Club, Ku De Ta, and La Plancha for a sunset experience by the beach; 40 Thieves for delightful cocktails; Motel Mexicola for an uninhibited tequila-fueled dance-off; Jungle for an unforgettable party you might not recall; Da Maria for its Aperol Spritz and infectious beats; and Hacienda for live music that sets the tone.

Photo credits: Jetsetchristina.com; adamdewar.ca; 40 Thieves

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